Hedayat Abedijoo

I'm from Holochain community. not looking for a job! looking for the works. looking for the fit. not asking a position. totally in the cohesion. using my insights first. using my skills next. not looking for the money. just looking for the buddy. still hoping the journey. only one of the plenty.

About Me

Hedayat is a human species with about 16 years of work experience in developing software. Interested in teamwork and with the ability to lead a team with the view that, a good leader is to make all members of his team think that they have done everything themselves.
Economy, psychology, sociology and music are as important to me as C#, Rust, Javascript, NodeJS and Elasticsearch. However, in my opinion, the most important thing in life is humanity and nature.

Holochain Academy by Hedayat

My Achievements


I know what makes me happy, angry and sad.
Learning is the cost of freedom.
Generosity in knowledge makes it deeper.
Disappointment is a sign of ignorance.
The construction path is sweeter than reaching the goal.
Continuous questioning

In Connections

First humans and love and then technology.
Asking for help makes relations softer and deeper.


Valuable things are not necessarily rare.
Air, trees and oceans are valuable, not money and gold.

My Specialities

Team Leader

Experienced, with commitment and high energy. Without dictatorship but with order and based on reputation.


Along with trying to judge fairly and finding metrics to get out of the vicious circle.

Finding Personal Motivation

It is not easy but achievable. Sometimes accompanied by mood swings, which are controlled by self-awareness.

Self Training

It allows me to better discover myself and my surroundings.


My knowledge becomes deeper when I explain it to someone else.


I am constantly learning Holochain ecosystem. From design and implement hApp to it's community. Then I teach the things I learned. I hope, Holochain can change the future of humanity.


2019 - Now Holochain Community Member Freelance I am an active member of the community and constantly learning this technology as well as teaching it to others.
2017 - Now Chief Developer & Software Architect Cologne, Germany As a team leader I’ve learned how to gain knowledge from the team and develop my personality. I started listening more than talking, and apologizing became much easier for me than ever.
2016 - 2016 FullStack Developer Freelance However the project was really fantastic with a bunch of technologies inside, but I was working in a soulless international team. I left the team after one year working without seeing many team members. I just know them by their avatar. So I learnt that I love humans first then technology and science.
2004 - 2016 Software Developer Iran & Armenia I experienced many projects and became acquainted with many tools and technologies. I found that I learn more from failure than success. I found out that we communicate with others by coding, so it's best to write the more readable and clean code.

Language skills

Hedayat Abedijoo

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